Raw cake event


My raw food workshops are always fun, hands on and informative. I like to keep these events very relaxed and informal. I get really excited when I’m hosting a food workshop!!!

I encourage students to explore a passion of raw food by creating unique recipes to suit their own taste and preference with the ingredients that I provide.
I emphasise the use of whole, organic, unprocessed, plant-based foods to achieve super healthy and flavourful cuisine.

I’m a believer that we feast with our eyes when we are faced with a plate of food so the importance of creativity and presentation is something I encourage and hopefully my passion for this transfers to the student and helps them in creating works of art!

Where to find me

I love taking part in markets, food fairs and festivals. Although this part of my line of work can be quite tough and challenging at times with lots of physical energy needed in setting up stalls and fighting against the elements at outdoor events, I love being out there with the public, communicating, engaging and connecting with people from all walks of life and backgrounds.

It is an opportunity for me to share, educate and introduce raw food to people that may not have had any previous raw food experience.

Lots of markets, fairs, events in the pipeline so look out for these on the website!!

Upcoming events 2019

Monthly Yoga Breakfast Club

These are held at the Inner Temple.


9.30am - 1 hour of yoga

Followed by delicious vegetarian breakfast and fresh juice/smoothie

Upcoming dates:

Saturday April 27th

Clevedon Sunday Market, Bristol

Sunday April 7th

Sunday May 5th

Sunday June 2nd

Cotswold Vegan Events

Sunday May 26th - Abergavenny

Upraw Retreats

Friday 6th-Monday 9th September - Limehouse Yoga, Truro, Cornwall


Explore Raw Retreats in the Algarve, Portugal (Raw juice camp) on the following dates:

Saturday September 28th-Saturday October 5th

Saturday 5th-Saturday 12th October