My Love Affair with Food...

My love affair goes back to my childhood when I used to be alongside my mum who loved to cook and bake traditional British and Irish recipes - although my own style is quite the opposite!

I love trying different cuisines from all over the world marrying foods with a wide range of textures and flavours from the Mediterranean, Middle East and Asia. I have completed courses at the renowned cookery school Leith’s in London and more.

The type of food I now love to produce has grown naturally and organically, evolving over the last few years since I started my catering business. I started with celebration cakes, then catered for private parties, corporate lunches and celebratory events. It was only when I stumbled onto raw food having attended a workshop that my passion for this cuisine took off - and Up-raw was born!!!

Raw food

After completing the advanced rockstar raw food course with the top raw food chef Kate Magic, I have worked with Stephanie Jeffs a.k.a. Explore Raw, on a raw food and yoga retreat in Portugal and have paired up with the talented Tracy Sadler of Happily Raw on many raw food/vegan events, such as fayres, markets and yoga/wellness festivals.

I have also had the absolute pleasure of hosting my own pop-up raw food restaurant and have provided workshops and catered for many private dinner parties. However, it has to be said that I am best known for my infamous raw cakes at which I can really let loose, and give myself to, in the creating! Have a look at my recipes and try them out yourself!